Someone Is Pranking an Entire Minnesota Town by Freezing Pants In Strange Places.

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Someone Is Pranking an Entire Minnesota Town by Freezing Pants In Strange Places.

Winters in Minnesota are long, cold and miserable. But one local prankster isn’t letting the weather get him down.

To keep his spirits up, Minneapolis resident Tom Grotting soaks jeans in cold water and then freezes them in various locales around town.

Waiting for the city to warm up

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The results are offbeat, slightly surreal sculptures that add a touch of humor to a cold, gray day.

The fellas hanging out #polarvortexusergroup

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To create his art, Grotting soaks the pants in a bucket and hangs them outside. As they freeze, he “sculpts” them into shapes. Then he sets the frozen pants up at various locations, such as neighborhood cafes or even local parking meters.

Tom started his offbeat hobby during the polar vortex of 2013. “It was just on us for weeks on end so I took advantage of the Polar Vortex and froze some pants,” Grotting told ABC News. “You can usually wear them again — it’s not unlike washing your clothes — but in this case they ended up getting kind of ratty because I kept doing it.”

But he mostly does it to bring cheer to his neighbors. “I mostly do it for my neighbor, Diane,” he added. “The winter gets a little long and she doesn’t like winter very much so it’s mostly entertainment for Diane.”

Colie, in honor of your birthday, I picked up some big boy pants at Unique and am displaying them proudly. It's colder than Helena out there!

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But Tom’s reputation spread beyond his Minneapolis neighborhood, and even inspired others to take up the hobby.

Not everyone appreciates his work, though — his own children are his biggest critics. “The kids hate it,” he said. “My daughter is in the band and had a big rehearsal with the trumpet players and she texted me and said, ‘Dad, the trumpets saw the pants’.”

Watch Tom’s neighbors get in on the action…

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