A Traffic Camera Accidentally Snaps This Beautiful Photo of a Snowy Owl.

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A Traffic Camera Accidentally Snaps This Beautiful Photo of a Snowy Owl.

Traffic cameras don’t often take award-winning photographs. But sometimes, they get lucky — as when a CCTV in Montreal snapped a series of shots of a majestic snowy owl in mid-flight.

Quebec transport minister Robert Poeti posted the pictures on Facebook, adding “An impressive solo was captured in full flight by the surveillance cameras of the road network on highway 40.”

Barbara Frei, director of the McGill Bird Observatory, which tracks the movements of wildlife in Canada, believes the owl was looking for a place to perch.

“I think they are attracted specifically to the highway because it has open, grassy fields nearby which is perfect for hunting their favorite prey, which is small rodents,” she told CBC News.

“They’ll migrate to their ‘winter vacation’, which can be all the way down to southern Canada, in the Montreal region or places in Ontario,” she added.

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