Depressed Marine Thinks He Knows the Surprise, But When He Sees the Puppy, He Loses It.

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Depressed Marine Thinks He Knows the Surprise, But When He Sees the Puppy, He Loses It.

Peter Coukoulis came home three years ago after serving with the U.S. Marines. But he found it difficult to go back to normal civilian life, thanks to post-traumatic stress disorder.

The 26-year-old struggled with the side effects of PTSD, which can include anxiety, depression, flashbacks and alienation. His mother Dena, though, came up with a way to help her son: she bought him a puppy who could be his service animal.

Peter and his family gathered as he unwrapped a box. He thought he already knew what he was getting, but when he looked inside, he was shocked to see a beagle puppy waiting for him.

Now Peter has a new friend and ally in his battle, and the dog is already making a difference in the young vet’s life.

“The puppy has already changed Peter’s life; it has made him happy after a very difficult three years,” Dena told Caters News Agency.

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