Kids Spot Man in Wheelchair Shoveling Snow, Ask Dad to Pull Over So They Can Help.

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Kids Spot Man in Wheelchair Shoveling Snow, Ask Dad to Pull Over So They Can Help.

Parents often wonder if they’re raising their kids right. But sometimes, if they’re lucky, they see the results of their hard work bear fruit before their eyes.

Wisconsin-based Daniel Medina and his two sons, aged 6 and 10, were coming home from the mall when they spotted a man shoveling snow from his wheelchair.

Daniel was focused on driving through the snow, but his oldest son, Daniel Jr., told his father to pull over. They leapt out, asked the man if he needed help and then spent 45 minutes helping him shovel his lot.

Medina chronicled the moment on Facebook, calling it a ‘proud dad moment.’ His sons’ mother, who lives in New Mexico, also uses a wheelchair, which prompted their sons to help the man out.

When they two boys got home, they were too tired to shovel their own driveway — proving that kids will be kids. “You know what’s funny? I couldn’t get the kids to help me at home,” Medina told Today. “I said, hey kids, want to shovel? And they said, ‘No, Dad, it’s pretty late. We have to shower and get ready for school’.”

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