Boss Takes Employees On Caribbean Cruise… All 800 of Them.

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Boss Takes Employees On Caribbean Cruise… All 800 of Them.

Winter in Iowa can be cold and dismal, but 800 lucky employees of a cabinet company just got the ultimate holiday bonus.

Bertch Cabinets in Waterloo announced it was taking more than 800 of its employees on a cruise, complete with chartered planes flying to Miami, a 5-star hotel stay and then a stint sailing the Caribbean on a luxury ship.

The cruise was long promised a year ago by company president Gary Bertch, who offered the trip as an incentive for meeting company goals for 2016.

“We just tried to get all of our people pumped up a little more to achieve the various goals, both customer-oriented goals and financial goals,” Bertch told CNN.

Bertch has offered trips before to his company, but the economic slowdown in recent years made it hard to continue. But he never lost sight of the need to motivate and appreciate his workers.

“I’ve been [running a company] for over 39 years,” Bertch told Today. “Sure, there are some big bad guys in business… but most are good people and care for their employees.”

Bertch’s reward for his workers goes beyond beyond the typical gift cards, pizza parties and personalized pens — but at heart is still a deep appreciation for the effort of the everyday people who work for him.

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