This $213 Train Ride Takes You Cross-Country Through the Most Beautiful Cities In America. Pack Your Bags!

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This $213 Train Ride Takes You Cross-Country Through the Most Beautiful Cities In America. Pack Your Bags!

Many put down travel as a New Year’s resolution, while others want to save money. Both seem mutually exclusive, but one ingenuous route lets you travel cross-country on one of the most scenic trains in the U.S. — for only $213.

Riding > driving. #amtrak #500Destinations #californiazephyr πŸ“·: @courtanonymous

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Derek Low, a travel blogger, recently put together a low-budget cross-country train route on Amtrak. He traveled the route in 2011, which involved taking Amtrak’s famed California Zephyr — which travels direct nearly 2,500 miles from the San Francisco area to Chicago — and the Lake Shore Limited, which travels direct from Chicago to New York.

"There's something to be said about having nowhere to be but the present." πŸ“·: @jesshuck #amtrak #californiazephyr #500destinations #trainzen

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The California Zephyr, which travels through both the Sierras and the Rockies, especially is famed for its breathtaking views, full of scenery and sunsets that show off the U.S.’s natural beauty. It also stops in cities like Denver and Salt Lake City.

#californiazephyr #laurennesfilmeye #westerndesert #nofilter going through old photos while learning how to use my new phone and I'm finding some goodies! I took this on my train ride from St. Louis, Missouri back to Salt Lake City, Utah. that section of the California Zephyr is one of my favorites. I have been on many train rides throughout my life and riding through the western US is something that I always look forward to (another favorite ride of mine is down the West coast — the Coast Starlight). there is something magical and peaceful about traveling by train… you can knit while watching the sun set on the ocean, play cards while gawking at huge canyon walls. observing and getting to know the land you're traveling through is not something you can do easily from the driver's seat of a car… this is one of the reasons I love traveling by train, despite the amount of time it takes (specifically in North America). don't let Amtrak die πŸš„

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The whole route can be traveled without stopovers for $213, which includes sleeping nights on the train.

The #Rockies are so ridiculously beautiful that I took hardly any photos. I want to do this trip on the spring. #mountains #californiazephyr #Amtrak #Colorado #travel #operasinger #nofilter

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A more leisurely ride with rail passes that allows for more time for exploring or a berth in the sleeping cabins cost more. But even with the added perks, trains often costs less than air travel and hotel stays, or the price of gas for a cross-country car trip.

Got up into the high Sierra's before descending to San Francisco. 33 hours on the #californiazephyr πŸš‚ since boarding in Denver. It's been perfect. #travelbytrain #Amtrak with @mariamillard

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In an age of modern convenience, many of us forget about older ways of travel. But wanderers and adventurers who want to experience the romance of the American landscape might take to this budget travel route — and find the experience priceless.

Seeing California #californiazephyr

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