Meet America’s oldest veteran. His secrets to life will make you smile.

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Meet America’s oldest veteran. His secrets to life will make you smile.

Now at 110 years old, Richard Overton is America’s oldest veteran. He joined an all-black military unit in 1942, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president, becoming a sharpshooter.

His life beyond the military has been full as well. He outlived two wives and received many honors for his service — including meeting President Obama, who he had breakfast with at the White House when he turned 107.

For someone as long lived as Overton, his lifestyle isn’t conventionally healthy. He drinks whiskey with his coffee — he says it warms up his muscles. He smokes cigars and loves lots of daily in his diet, insisting on ice cream everyday.

Instead, Overton has a matter-of-fact but positive attitude, which may make the difference.

“I don’t think about [dying],” he told Today. “You can’t do anything about that. It’s going to come, whether you want it or not. I just think about living.”

See what enjoying life and knowing what matters can do for you…

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