Tracy Morgan talks about his newfound purpose following his nearly fatal accident.

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Tracy Morgan talks about his newfound purpose following his nearly fatal accident.

After an auto crash almost three years ago, doctors gave comedian Tracy Morgan a 2 percent chance to live. Even when he came out of a coma, many wondered if he’d even walk, much less work, again.

Tracy has come back from that near-tragedy, though. He found the strength to walk again by taking inspiration from his daughter.

“I missed [my daughter’s] first birthday because I was in a coma,” he said. “But I got to see her take her first steps. And that inspired me…to walk for the first time. I got out my wheel chair and I started walking. I mean my wife went crazy ’cause my femur was still in little pieces, but she inspired me to get out of my wheelchair and walk.”

Now, he’s back to work, with a newfound appreciation for his life and a desire to give back by making people laugh.

“There’s a lot of good will for me, and I feel like the Desmond Tutu of show business now,” Tracy joked. “I feel like Gandhi — and I just want to have the opportunity to give it back.”

Listen to Tracy share his moving story with Ellen…

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