Rescuers save 500 puppies from unsafe puppy mills. Then every single puppy gets adopted.

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Rescuers save 500 puppies from unsafe puppy mills. Then every single puppy gets adopted.

When the Cherokee County’s Animal Shelter and Marshal’s Office busted a huge puppy mill in Georgia in July 2014, they had a big problem on their hands: over 400 dogs suddenly needed homes.

Many of the pregnant dogs at the mill also gave birth after being rescued, pushing the total to over 500 animals in need of adoption.

The owners of the puppy mill eventually found guilty of 25 charges of animal cruelty and were sentenced to 25 consecutive years of probation. But that was no consolation for the dogs themselves, who lived in filthy, crowded conditions until their rescue.

The Cherokee County animal shelter took on the heroic task of caring for the dogs and finding them homes. Watch how they all found homes — and what happened after their dramatic rescue…

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