Dad stops speaking to kids after divorce. Months later, teen sees sister’s dress and is stunned.

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Dad stops speaking to kids after divorce. Months later, teen sees sister’s dress and is stunned.

Mohammad and Noor Hasher’s parents divorced last last year. Since then, their dad has stopped speaking to them entirely. It hasn’t been easy for the brother and sister, and 17-year-old Mohammad had to step into the father figure role to his 6-year-old sister.

Mohammad woke up one day to find Noor wearing a dress instead of her usual pajamas. He asked her what was going on, and Noor explained that since she couldn’t go to her school’s daddy-daughter dance that evening, she could at least wear her dress during the day.

Mohammad decided to take Noor himself to the dance, even if he was a big brother, and not a father. He took her shopping and then the pair went to get her hair done.

He treated her like a princess, making sure Noor at least wouldn’t miss out on certain experiences, even if their dad was out of the picture. He may not be Noor’s dad — but at the very least, she has a caring big brother to look out and be there for her.

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