Man wakes up from coma after 12 years, reveals horrifying secret about accident no one knew….

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Man wakes up from coma after 12 years, reveals horrifying secret about accident no one knew….

Martin Pistorius was just a 12-year-old South African kid interested in electronics when he came home sick one day and never got better. Doctors were puzzled as he stopped being able to move, speak and eventually make eye contact. They theorized a type of meningitis caused him to become a vegetable.

But Martin wasn’t a vegetable. Underneath his inactivity, he could still hear, see and think. He watched helpless as his parents Rodney and Joan took him home to die — and then have hope, worry and then get frustrated that he stayed alive but with no change in condition. He even heard his mother in a fit of frustration say she wished Martin would die and the whole ordeal would come to an end — something she feels guilty about today.

Martin himself says he began to despair as 12 years passed. He tried to train his mind to tell time based on the shadows on the wall. He registered annoyance at TV shows and found interest in conversations around him.

His efforts became to pay off, when a therapist noticed signs of activity and urged his parents to get Martin tested. This changed everything — once they realized Martin’s mind was working, they got him special equipment that helped him communicate.

From there on, Martin’s journey took an almost miraculous turn. Watch what a lot of determination and hard work can accomplish…

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