Lonely Planet by Alex Burunova

A lonely woman travels to Barcelona and meets a tall, dark stranger. Then, he challenges her to live in the moment... with him.

Julia is a travel writer. She believes life is short, relationships inevitably end — and with no commitments, feelings don’t get hurt and hearts don’t get broken.

While on a temporary assignment in Barcelona, Julia meets Pau, a tall dark Catalan, who takes his time and savors the sweet moments of life. As their romance blossoms, he proposes a challenge to her: to spend her remaining three months with him.

Director Alex Burunova has crafted a refreshing romance that probes into their differing attitudes towards life and views of the world. The production is solid and the chemistry between Nadine Nicole Heimann and Roger Batalla is authentic — Burunova cast them separately and they met for the first time during rehearsals.

As Julia and Pau’s relationship develops, they try to understand each other, all the while posing the question: is it better to enjoy the moment to the fullest or worry about the past and future?

Slowly, Julia finds herself with more than what she bargained for — a serious relationship.

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