Deaf baby ‘sings’ with dad in ASL… their rendition of ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It’ is the cutest.

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Deaf baby ‘sings’ with dad in ASL… their rendition of ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It’ is the cutest.

Kevin Nadrowski is deaf, and so is his daughter Bayleigh. Kevin grew up in a world that considers him disabled, but Kevin considers his deafness as an advantage, helping him live and appreciate life to the fullest.

Looking to foster understanding of his supposed ‘handicap,’ he started a YouTube channel where he posts videos of his and Bayleigh’s life together. Many of the videos are uploaded with no sound, offering a window into the lives of deaf people — and shows that they experience joy, pleasure and wonder despite the lack of sound in their lives.

Kevin also advocates teaching babies sign language as early as possible. In fact, teaching babies signs for simple words and concepts — whether they can hear or not — is beneficial to their emotional and cognitive development.

Babies learning to sign actually increases the rate of verbal development, as well as fosters a stronger parent-child bond. Babies as young as six months old can start learning simple signs for words like ‘bottle’ or ‘up.’

Beyond the benefits of communication, signing together can be simply fun. Watch the father-daughter duo ‘sing’ together using American sign language…

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