How this boy with cerebral palsy chose to finish a triathlon is incredible.

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How this boy with cerebral palsy chose to finish a triathlon is incredible.

Bailey Matthews was already a hero just for competing in the Castle Triathlon in Yorkshire, England, where the eight-year-old swam 100 meters, biked 4 kilometers and ran 1.3 miles.

But as he approached the finish line, he ditched his walker and began racing towards the finish line unassisted.

Bailey fell twice, but each time he got himself up and continued, his father rolling his walker behind him.

“You can see his little face when he came round and saw everyone; that was his way of finishing in style and showing everyone what he could do,” Julie Hardcastle, his mother, told The Yorkshire Post. “It was the response from the crowd that pushed him to do that.”

Watch Bailey cross the finish line and prepare to be inspired…

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