Blonde woman is escorted off plane, approaches coffin without realizing she’s being filmed.

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Blonde woman is escorted off plane, approaches coffin without realizing she’s being filmed.

Lisa West Williams was ready to get off the plane when the passengers of their flight at Raleigh-Durham International Airport were asked to stay seated. They watched as a woman named Tara was escorted off.

Lisa realized she had a direct view of what was going on from her window seat. She watched as the plane crew removed a coffin draped in the American flag from the baggage department on the plane.

Realizing Tara was the widow of the soldier in the coffin, she watched as Tara placed her hand over the flag and then leaned her head against the coffin in a heartbreaking goodbye. Lisa couldn’t help but film the touching moment.

Tara was the widow of Green Beret Shawn Thomas, who was killed in a car accident in Africa. The Oklahoma native and Tara had four children together, and were based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Lisa shared her video on Facebook, which went viral. Tara found out about the video and gave Lisa her blessing to share it with the wider public, in the hopes that it will help others understand the sacrifice that military personnel and their families make to serve their country.

“She wanted people to realize that this goes on every day,” Williams told WNCT. “There are many men and women that come home in a casket and they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for us.”

Watch the touching moment below…

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