Accident leaves pregnant woman dying on freeway, but hero bystander rushes to her side.

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Accident leaves pregnant woman dying on freeway, but hero bystander rushes to her side.

Keith Ezell was on his way to work and stuck momentarily in traffic when he spotted a bad accident. The moment he could stop his car, he jumped out and rushed to the action to see how he could help.

The Ohio-based nurse saw an unconscious pregnant woman on the side of the freeway, and immediately administered CPR. For the four minutes until paramedics arrived, Keith kept the woman and her unborn child alive. He recently completed a new CPR class as part of his job as a nurse, and happened to have the respiratory mask in his car.

Keith stayed long enough for the emergency medics to take over, but then left before anyone could offer praise or even take his name, saying, “I really need to get to work.”

Keith works as a nurse and takes his job to save lives and help those in pain seriously. He knew others were waiting for him at work. He later called the hospital to check on the woman and was told she survived. “I thought, my job is done,” he told WKYC. “She gets to live.”

Keith didn’t stay to get any recognition, but luckily, a bystander caught the incident on camera, and one of Keith’s coworkers identified him on the video when it was posted to Facebook. Watch Keith’s heroic act below and witness someone following his calling to help others, no matter if he’s on the job or not….

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