Judge reaches verdict in 40 seconds after man shows up to court with helmet on.

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Judge reaches verdict in 40 seconds after man shows up to court with helmet on.

Judge Frank Caprio has become a bit of a viral sensation. His rulings in small claims cases can be tough but fair, and he also recognizes that sometimes life is just tough at times for everyone — and circumstances can make it hard to keep track of parking, changing spots and the like.

His compassion and sense of balance came to the fore when he saw a case of a unpaid parking ticket presented by a man with a strange helmet on his head.

The man, in fact, had recent brain surgery. His son parked in front of a fire hydrant, which is illegal — but he was also on the way to pick up his father from surgery, where he had a portion of his skull removed as a result of brain cancer.

In fact, the police officer who issued the ticket didn’t even believe the man and his son — even with the helmet on the father’s head.

Watch Judge Caprio show a little more compassion for the man, though…

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