Kids want to say goodbye to Navy father who’s leaving on duty. Then cop hands them a speaker.

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Kids want to say goodbye to Navy father who’s leaving on duty. Then cop hands them a speaker.

Leaving a family behind is never easy, but for a military family, it can be especially hard. Children of servicemen and women often watch their moms and dads leave for months at a time, and it’s especially hard for little ones.

It’s no different for 4-year-old Rileigh and 2-year-old Austin, who watched their dad Joshua Buetow leave the port in San Diego for his tour with the Navy. The goodbye was tough, but one kind police officer, James Weaver, showed them some compassion and helped them say goodbye to dad in style.

He let the kids use the PA of his police car to broadcast a message to their dad. Little Rileigh yelled, ‘Goodbye, daddy! We love you!’

Joshua likely couldn’t hear their final goodbyes, but for the kids, just knowing that someone understood their sadness and allowed them to express themselves made a huge difference.

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