Snobby teenagers torture the janitor. He teaches them a lesson they will never forget.

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Snobby teenagers torture the janitor. He teaches them a lesson they will never forget.

Working at a high school can be tough. Teenagers can be self-absorbed and thoughtless — ask any teacher, or even the cleaning staff who often work in the margins or after hours.

So one janitor thought it was just another day at work when the popular girls at his school left lipstick marks on the mirror for him to clean.

It was hard work, and when the marks didn’t stop, he even went to the principal to help him solve the problem. Things only got worse, though — she made an announcement for the behavior to stop, but it only egged the ‘mean girls’ on even more.

The janitor decided to deal out a lesson on his own. He called for all the popular girls to meet, showed them how much work it took to clean lipstick off the glass every night, and told them how it took time from his family.

Then he showed them just what he does to clean the mirrors…and it’s not what they expected. See what he does, how the girls reacted and what final lesson these girls took away from it all…

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