Mama dog is depressed when 7 puppies die in barn fire. Then they show her a litter of orphans.

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Mama dog is depressed when 7 puppies die in barn fire. Then they show her a litter of orphans.

Jessica Woodruff lost many animals when her barn caught fire in Roseberg, Oregon. But her dog Daisy suffered an even more devastating loss: her litter of 3-week-old puppies died in the blaze. Daisy even tried to plunge back into the burning barn, but it was too late — her puppies were gone.

Daisy grieved her loss dearly. She grew depressed and refused to eat. She would even go down to the barn and whine at the door, waiting to be let in.

Jessica wanted to help Daisy in any way she could, so she took to Facebook to see if anyone had puppies to foster. Jessica was in luck — she found a litter of eight puppies whose mother had died and were in need of maternal care. Watch the video to see what happened when Daisy met the puppies….

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