She grew up in America’s most notorious church. This is why she left.

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She grew up in America’s most notorious church. This is why she left.

When Megan Phelps was just 5, she participated in a protest in Kansas carrying a sign that read, “Gays are worthy of death.”

Her entire family was part of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, known for its extreme intolerance and hate against gay people, among many others.

As the age of social media dawned, Megan was even one of the church’s most active members on Twitter, trolling LGBTQ, Muslim, Jewish and other Twitter members whose views and lifestyles she disapproved.

But the very social media that Megan used against people was also the catalyst for a great transformation that culminated with her leaving the church and her family behind in 2012.

Listen to her important story below, and learn how we can reach across great divides to truly learn and communication with one another…

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