Woman’s dad refuses to walk her down the aisle to marry her bride, so her boss walks her instead.

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Woman’s dad refuses to walk her down the aisle to marry her bride, so her boss walks her instead.

Jennifer has been with her partner Sam for 11 years. When you see them together, it’s obvious how much love and affection they have for one another.

But as an LGBTQ couple, they face various social challenges, including from their own family.

Jennifer was devastated to learn that her own dad would not be attending her wedding to Sam, since he doesn’t support their relationship.

“What troubled me most was my parents because they are strongly against it,” Jennifer said. “My parents have stopped communicating with me and will not come to my wedding.”

Jennifer’s father refuses to talk with Sam when he sees her. She even considered entering a fake heterosexual relationship to make her family happy.

But Jennifer stayed true to her heart and decided to marry Sam instead. And Jennifer’s boss — John Li, the CEO of HSBC, the bank she works at — even walked her down the aisle. Watch Jennifer’s visibly emotional reaction as she made her way towards Sam, and the beautiful moments that happened next…

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