This BBC interview went horribly wrong in an amazing way.

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This BBC interview went horribly wrong in an amazing way.

Robert Kelly has been interviewed by a number of media outlets on his academic focus, Korean politics, as a political science professor at Pusan National University.

But his latest appearance featured two unexpected co-stars: his two adorable children, who found their way into his home office during a live interview with the BBC.

Robert was analyzing the recent Korean impeachment live on-air when his bespectacled toddler daughter barged in, dancing and strutting. She tried approaching her dad, who held her off while he tried to keep a straight face and continue the hard-hitting interview.

But then, quite unexpectedly, a baby in a walker also entered the office — followed by Robert’s panicked Korean wife, who slid into the office and corralled the children as quickly as possible, all while Robert was attempting to continue the interview. The resulting video clip went viral immediately — see why it’s been called ‘the funniest video of the year’ below…

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