Dad trapped under car, crushing his chest. But then 8-year-old says ‘angels’ gave him strength.

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Dad trapped under car, crushing his chest. But then 8-year-old says ‘angels’ gave him strength.

Stephen Parker and his two sons, Mason and J.T., were working on a car in their backyard. 17-year-old Mason had to go inside at some point to attend to a cut, leaving Stephen working underneath the car.

But then the jack gave out and the car fell on Stephen, pinning him underneath. Despite being totally trapped and stsrting to lose consciousness, Stephen tried to keep calm for J.T.’s sake — he didn’t want to make J.T feel guilty if he lost his life, he says.

But at some point, Stephen called out and J.T realized just how dangerous the situation his dad was in. The 8-year-old sprung into action and jumped up and down on the jack in an attempt to Lift the car off his dad. Despite his light frame — at only 50 pounds — he managed to lift the car out and help his dad.

Listen to father and son reflect on the incident — and hear where they got their unexpected strength from…

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