A 17-year-old stranded in a refugee camp shows us exactly what courage looks like.

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A 17-year-old stranded in a refugee camp shows us exactly what courage looks like.

When war broke out in Libya, thousands of refugees from countries including Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea, were forced to flee for their lives. In Tunisia a 17-year-old Somali, named Omar, was patiently waiting for freedom.

At 13, Omar was forced to leave his home because of war. Then, he worked in Libya until the conflict broke out, and fled across the border to the Choucha refugee camp.

There are 170,000 refugees around the world, like Omar, whose lives are on hold whilst they wait for resettlement to a safe country. Only half of them will get the chance to restart their lives unless governments make more resettlement places available.

Omar tells his story at 2:03…

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