Walmart cashier bursts into Dolly Parton cover and stuns shoppers.

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Walmart cashier bursts into Dolly Parton cover and stuns shoppers.

Kayla Slone was working as a cashier at Walmart when her friends at work egged her on to sing.

She broke into a Dolly Parton classic, ‘Coat Of Many Colors,’ and sounded remarkably like the legendary country singer herself. Shoppers listened, stunned silent, as Kayla sang.

Her friends, amazed at Kayla’s talent, uploaded the clip despite Kayla’s protests. The video quickly went viral, and Kayla landed some wonderful opportunities to share her musical ability, such as appearing on Anderson Cooper’s show, performing at the 2013 ACM Awards and singing at the Grand Ole Opry.

Listen to the clip that started it all below, and be amazed by this remarkable talent…

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