A tumbling Jack Russell wins hearts after hilariously bad dog show run.

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A tumbling Jack Russell wins hearts after hilariously bad dog show run.

Dog shows are a serious affair, especially in the U.K., where canines and their trainers work hard to impress judges with their grace, obedience, intelligence and physical ability.

But one Jack Russell terrier named Olly is winning hearts around the world, after literally crashing and burning at an obstacle course at the Crufts dog show.

Olly took to the course with enthusiasm and excitement, but he got a little carried away at the excitement of competing. He ran around in circles, sniffed at corners and even took a early jump — only to face-plant on the ground.

But did that deter Olly? No — he simply got up and raced right back to the course with the same joie de vivre as before.

Watch Olly in action below, enjoy his antics — and realize that ‘winning’ often means having the most fun in the moment, no matter what goes wrong…

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