Blonde court clerk turns bright red when judge reads the man’s charges out loud.

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Blonde court clerk turns bright red when judge reads the man’s charges out loud.

Kalina Blosser was working at her job as a court clerk when the door opened and her boyfriend, Mike Severo, walked in, followed by his mother.

Kalina had been dating Mike for some time, but she was still surprised to see her boyfriend in court. He even worked in the same building, in the communications department of Kansas City. He had always had a crush on Kalina — as a city videographer, Kalina often ‘popped up’ in the videos he made for the city.

Kalina thought she knew Mike, but she was surprised and shocked as Mike approached the defendant’s stand.

The judge she worked for, Joe Locascio, began to read out charges.

“You’re accused, in 2013, while training Kalina Blosser as a court clerk, of failing to maintain a demeanor as a stone cold fox and allowing her to trespass on your heart,” the judge said.

“In count two, you’re accused of following the said Kalina Blosser around this courthouse for three solid years like a puppy dog in an attempt to gain entrance into her heart. How do you plead to these charges?”

Watch how Mike ‘pleaded’ — and watch this clever marriage proposal unfold…

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