Drone captures mysterious cave deep in Vietnamese forest, footage reveals forgotten kingdom.

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Drone captures mysterious cave deep in Vietnamese forest, footage reveals forgotten kingdom.

Hang Son Doong, or ‘River Mountain Cave’ is a large unexplored cave in Vietnam.

The cave walls can reach up to 500 feet tall and fit a Boeing 747. The cave even has its own weather patterns inside of it, including cloud, fogs and winds — it even has its own flowing river.

The rainy season cause rivers nearby to rise at the end of the summer, making the cave inaccessible to most explorers. It was only recently discovered in 1991 by locals, and came to prominence in 2009 after a group of British cave explorers discovered one of the cave’s 200-foot high walls.

Filmmaker Ryan Deboodt used a drone to capture footage of this remote natural wonder. Beyond capturing beauty, he also wants to draw awareness to its peril — the cave is often plundered for its minerals and other natural resources.

The once untouched wonder is beginning to resemble a ravaged wasteland, and many are campaigning for it to be protected. Yet plans are being considered to build a cable car through the cave, which many environmentalists oppose for its impact on the ecosystem.

See Ryan’s footage below, and be amazed at the beauty and wonder of nature…

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