Homeless man begs for money at her cafe. Then she asks, ‘Do you want to work?’

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Homeless man begs for money at her cafe. Then she asks, ‘Do you want to work?’

Many homeless people want to work. But lack of access to showers and regular hygiene maintenance — not to mention Not having a residential address — severely limits their prospects for regular work.

Beyond these logistical hurdles, many shy away from giving homeless people jobs because they’re seen as unreliable, drug addicts or simply repugnant.

But when a homeless ex-con walked into Abi’s Cafe in Minneapolis, owner Cesia Abigail Baires didn’t just turn him away despite his shambling appearance. She asked him why he didn’t have a job, and the homeless man, whose name was Marcus, answered that his criminal record made it hard for anyone to hire him.

Cesi was short of staff that day, so she offered him a job. He worked that day…and for the next two weeks. He took out trash, washed dishes and was always on time, according to Cesi. And he even bought food from Cesi’s cafe with his pay.

Watch a clip of Cesi and Marcus’s story, and be inspired by the generosity…

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