Teen boy saves cop’s life after hearing loud ‘boom’ outside, but Ellen knows more than he thinks.

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Teen boy saves cop’s life after hearing loud ‘boom’ outside, but Ellen knows more than he thinks.

Joe Chambers was just a 17-year-old kid visiting Philadelphia when he heard a loud boom. He went outside to check what happened — and saw a police car embroiled in a crash and caught on fire.

Joe was already a volunteer firefighter in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, so he knew what to do. He rushed to the car, where he saw an officer — Mark Kimsey — trapped inside. The door was slammed and dented, and the officer had head trauma and couldn’t feel his legs.

Joe acted fast, dragging the officer out through the window. Just 30 seconds later, the car was completely consumed by fire.

Television host Ellen DeGeneres heard about Joe’s act of heroism and had both him and Officer Kimsey on her show. Joe revealed the real reasons why he rescued the officer — and the surprise Ellen had for him….

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