Kim Jong-Un would want this North Korean escapee to shut up, but that’s why we should listen to her.

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Kim Jong-Un would want this North Korean escapee to shut up, but that’s why we should listen to her.

Born and raised in reclusive, repressive North Korea, Yeonmi Park witnessed horrors: starvation, public executions, brainwashing and more.

Though she began life that was relatively well-off in the poverty-stricken country, her father was later imprisoned for black market activities and sentenced to a forced labor camp. She was forced to watch her mother get raped; she eventually buried her father on her own at 14.

One day, though, she watched a secret copy of Hollywood blockbuster ‘Titanic,’ which opened her heart to a world where women were free: free to fall in love, see the world and escape repression.

She eventually fled North Korea for China, where she ended up in Mongolia. Eventually she and her mother ended up in South Korea, where Yeonmi took some jobs and got a college education.

Now Yeonmi is a human rights activist wrote a book about her struggles, ‘In Order To Live.’ She speaks regularly on the abuses of the secretive regime in the closed-off ‘Hermit Kingdom,’ in hopes that one day her fellow countrymen and women will be free, too.

Hear Yeonmi speak about her life in North Korea at the 2014 event that brought her to international prominence…

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