Old widow is lonely after husband dies, then finds neighbor’s new puppy standing at her door.

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Old widow is lonely after husband dies, then finds neighbor’s new puppy standing at her door.

Sally Rewehooeern’s husband died in 1990. Now, at age 92, Sally has been on her own ever since, especially since her children are scattered across the U.S.

She lives in Mount Vernon, Washington, where her neighbors keep an eye on her. One of these neighbors got a new puppy named Brody, who often wanders off to Sally’s house.

Now Sally and Brody are best friends. Brody follows her around the yard as she gardens and accompanies her when she checks the mail. He even hops into the car with her every day when she goes out and about her day.

Sally appreciates Brody’s company, especially since he reminds of her of growing up on a farm in Holland as a girl, where she was always surrounded by animals. He’s kept her from feeling lonely and cheered her spirits up when she needed it most.

Watch these two friends together in the clip below, and see how best friends love each other, no matter how different they seem…

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