‘The Doctors’ surprises Dr. Travis with a tribute to his dog, then he loses it on camera.

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‘The Doctors’ surprises Dr. Travis with a tribute to his dog, then he loses it on camera.

The pain of losing a beloved pet is a unique grief that can hurt as much as losing a family member — because very often our pets hold a special place within our hearts and families.

Dr. Travis on the daytime show ‘The Doctors’ knows this well. He adopted his dog Nala from a shelter, and she’s been with him since med school. But Nala was getting old, and Dr. Travis knew her time was coming to an end.

His fellow doctors surprised him with a tribute to Nala, which brought him to tears. It honored her sweet nature and sense of compassion, and they also discussed how to deal with the loss of a loved pet: you keep the love alive, and honor their legacy, especially through photos and mementoes.

Sadly, Nala passed away after ‘The Doctors’ filmed the segment, but Dr. Travis chose to have it air, anyway — a fitting tribute to a beloved family member. Watch it below, and have a box of tissues ready…

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