This ‘BBC dad’ parody imagines how a mom would handle the situation.

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This ‘BBC dad’ parody imagines how a mom would handle the situation.

Most of us have seen the video of the ‘BBC dad’ whose interview with the prestigious television station was interrupted by not one, but two, of his children. Professor Robert Kelly’s two children barged, strutted and rolled into his home office as he attempted to give a hard-hitting interview on the South Korean impeachment, trying to hold his toddler back and struggling to keep a straight face even as his wife swooped in to rescue him.

The resulting video went viral around the world, inspiring commentary and analysis both about the role of work and home and the nature of parenting. Now a comedy duo is re-imagining the same scenario, with a twist: what if the mom had been giving the interview?

New Zealand’s ‘Jono and Ben’ comedy show created their own clip which apes the original, but with a mom-centric take — the mom delivers her interview, all while feeding her toddler, tending to the roast chicken in the oven, cleaning a toilet and even defusing a bomb. The result is mommy multi-tasking taken to the next level.

Watch the funny video, and see how most moms are superheroes at juggling work and home…

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