Woman sees dying homeless man clutching his dog. Then he tells her his dying wish.

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Woman sees dying homeless man clutching his dog. Then he tells her his dying wish.

Jenine-Lacette D’Shazer was walking downtown in her city of Fresno, California, one December night when she passed by a homeless man with a strikingly beautiful white dog in his arms. The man was in pain, but he was also trying very hard to keep the dog warm and protected.

Jenine-Lacette offered the man some blankets, toiletries and pet food from her car, and the two began talking. The man’s name was Clifford James Herbert, who was once a farmer and mechanic shop owner. But he lost his business, and complications from a heart surgery caused him to develop his ability to speak clearly. He was also dying of cancer, which had spread to his brain, and had only a few weeks left to live, according to doctors.

His only source of happiness was his dog, Baby, who he had rescued from an abusive owner. His only wish for Christmas was to find a new home for Baby.

Jenine-Lacette was moved by Clifford’s story and his obvious love for his dog. Raising money on a GoFundMe page, she moved Clifford to a motel and found Baby a home with a family in Squaw Valley. She also found a caseworker who is checking in on Clifford. Jenine says she has been paying for his motel room in increments and gives him gift cards for food at nearby restaurants, according to the Fresno Bee.

Jenine-Lacette told the Fresno Bee that the public outpouring of support for both Clifford and Baby was touching, and she hopes other people will help those in need “because I guarantee you there’s a Baby or a Cliff or both right around your house.”

Watch Clifford and Baby’s story below and witness a moving story of kindness and generosity…

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