She’s spent her life caring for others. Now watch her get the TLC she deserves.

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She’s spent her life caring for others. Now watch her get the TLC she deserves.

Cheryl Levy’s job as a caretaker isn’t easy. It requires her to step in at often stressful times, taking on the daily tasks of feeding, bathing and watching over her often elderly charges while they’re sometimes at their weakest.

The combination of intimacy and vulnerability often creates close bonds between caretakers and patients. Cheryl grew especially close to a client named Bunny, who became like a mother and best friend to Cheryl. When Bunny died, Cheryl lost a wonderful close friend. On top of that, she was also out of a job.

The stress and the heartache of grief was a double whammy that left Cheryl feeling drained and sad. Luckily for Cheryl, her daughter noticed, and arranged an amazing and much-needed surprise.

Watch the video below to see the person who made it her life’s work get the loving care she deserves…

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