Watch a McDonald’s worker jump out of a drive-through to help unconscious cop.

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Watch a McDonald’s worker jump out of a drive-through to help unconscious cop.

Pedro Viloria was manning the drive-through at the Miami-area McDonald’s on a seemingly ordinary night when a mom pulled up with her two kids in the backseat.

The 22-year-old cashier noticed right away that something wasn’t right. “I see she’s like inflating her neck, like trying to breath, like ‘Ahh,’ he told Local 10 station in Miami. “Basically I thought something was going wrong.”

Viloria leapt in action right away when the woman lost consciousness and her car, still in drive, rolled forward and the kids screamed. The surveillance camera captures Viloria’s amazing dive out of the drive-through window. He chased the rolling car and threw himself in front of it. He managed to keep the car from hitting another vehicle, and luckily got help from other customers who happened to be a firefighter and paramedic, as well as another employee who remains anonymous, who were able to perform CPR until police arrived.

The woman survived, her kids were safe and she was later revealed to be a cop off-duty. Viloria was later recognized for his act of heroism by Carlos Gimenez, the mayor of Miami-Dade county, who awarded Viloria in front of the officer’s colleagues, department and first responders. The mayor even offered an internship to Viloria.

But for Viloria, the recognition was not about himself. “We’re celebrating the fact that we are still able to save people,” Viloria told WSVN, “and we’re still able to do selfless acts.”

Watch Viloria’s amazing quick thinking below, and see ordinary people transform into heroes in a flash…

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