He took a ‘Kafka’ story to a remote area in Australia… and created this award-winning short.

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He took a ‘Kafka’ story to a remote area in Australia… and created this award-winning short.

“One man sees another man running towards him.”

This Kafkaesque premise seems simple, but as filmmaker Dominic Allen reveals, it is deceptively complex.

The story begins as Claude sits on the fence, under the beating sun. He sees a man running towards him and begins to contemplate into the possibilities. In adapting Kafka’s tale, Allen hoped reinforce the author’s point that “it’s impossible to ever truly know another’s motivations.”

“Two Men” is set in the river town of Fitzroy Crossing, deep in the Northern Western Australian desert, and features a cast of indigenous Australian non-actors.

The story begins to unfold at 1:00…

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