Meet the man who remembers everything… and his unlikely friend.

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Meet the man who remembers everything… and his unlikely friend.

HK Derryberry is blind and has cerebral palsy. But look beyond these and you’ll see something remarkable.

HK is one of the few people in the world with hyperthymesia — a highly superior form of autbiographical memory. He can remember every meal he’s eaten since childhood, or even identify a person by his or her smell as soon as they walk in the room. When HK meets you, he can even tell you the day of the week you were born with just a year and a date.

HK is friendly and engaging, highly interested in people and loves to communicate. But he struggled early on. Doctors wanted to label him as mentally handicapped. Raised by his grandmother Pearl, he lost his mother in a car accident while she was still pregnant with him. His father abandoned him when he was 5.

But the boy found an ally — and a father figure — early on, in the figure of executive Jim Bradford, who struck up a conversation with an 8-year-old HK at a coffee shop one day. Watch the video to see more of their story together, and be inspired at just how friendship can change and sustain lives…

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