Selena Gomez surprises high school students to share empowering message: ‘Love yourself first’.

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Selena Gomez surprises high school students to share empowering message: ‘Love yourself first’.

Even in the age of social media, Selena Gomez has become one of its new superstars for her warm and genuine rapport with her fans. Even as she racks up movie roles and hit records, she remains approachable, vulnerable and open.

But fame hasn’t been easy, and the former Disney star has been open about her difficult treatment for lupus, her depressions and anxieties and the pressures of being a young woman in a sometimes cruel media spotlight.

But those troubles have also makes her highly empathetic about what young people are going through today. She recently made a surprise appearance at a high school in Los Angeles on ‘World Kindness Day’ on behalf of Coach and the Step Up Foundation.

She wants to share a message of self-love — and recently put it into action in her own life. She revealed she hit pause on her successful music career to focus on causes and people important to her.

“I’m taking time to have a personal life,” she told TODAY. “I’m doing things that I love that I’m passionate about that I care about…it just makes me happy.”

Watch Selena share her thoughts below…

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