Dad turns his sons’ doodles into anime characters… and the result is amazing.

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Dad turns his sons’ doodles into anime characters… and the result is amazing.

French-born, Japan-based anime artist Thomas Romain usually works digitally in his work. But he also collaborates with his sons on his ‘Father and Sons Design Workshop’ series, using their drawings to create anime worlds and figures — and the results are amazing.

Thomas’s sons, aged 10 and 8, draw their own characters, and then Thomas takes those concepts and refines them in his anime style.

The results range from the charming and whimsical…

…to the fearsome and monstrous…

The monsters, though, come with unique details that only children can think up, like a snake fighter who gains invincibility from eating lollipops.

Thomas shares the results of the collaborations on Twitter, and the series has become increasingly popular.

As he’s gained an audience, Thomas is sharing the behind-the-scenes of his work, showing how an idea is developed from initial sketch to full-fledged drawing.

He’s also sharing the pleasures of working in pen and paper, especially in a heavily digitized industry.

But Thomas is adamant that creativity and ideas are more important than tools or skills — and that kids have an unlimited wellspring of imagination we can all be inspired by.

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