Meet America’s oldest working nurse. She’s just as inspiring as you’d think.

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Meet America’s oldest working nurse. She’s just as inspiring as you’d think.

Florence Rigney may be 91 years old, but she likely does more in her day before most people even wake up. She heads off every morning well before dawn in Tacoma, Washington, to her job as a nurse.

Known as ‘See See’ to her friends and colleagues, she’s worked at Tacoma General Hospital for mroe than 70 years.

“I have something to get up for in the morning,” Rigney told NBC News. “And I do like to be able to interact with patients and give them what comfort and what help I can.”

See See’s job is fast paced and requires her to react quickly, but she has the speed and nimbleness of people half her age.

See See has been working for a long time and even tried retirement at age 67. It wasn’t for her. She went back to work on a reduced schedule, and stayed for another 25 years.

She’s seen a lot of changes in the medical field during her tenure as a nurse. When she started, she says penicillin had just been introduced. Now she says the biggest changes are patient stays — they used to be able to stay up to 10 days, but now patients go home in a day or two.

See See doesn’t work full-time, only two days a week. She knows at some point, she’ll stop — but she’ll keep going if possible.

“I just feel very honored that they’ll still let me work,” she says.

Watch See See in action below, and be inspired by someone who won’t let old age keep her from making a contribution…

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