This video perfectly captures what it’s like to live with autism.

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This video perfectly captures what it’s like to live with autism.

12-year-old Holly has autism, a disorder with a wide spectrum of characteristics. But she didn’t really have a way to talk about her experiences — until now.

She recently starred in a short PSA for the U.K.’s National Autistic Society, which attempts to immerse viewers in her sensory experience. The film’s layers of sound and image show how it feels when people speak to her, as well as how she reacts to loud sudden noises. Holly doesn’t have a lot of time or space to process all the sensory information until another input comes at her.

According to the ad agency, Don’t Panic, that helped produce the spot, Holly used the film to tell her friends and fellow students about her autism for the first time. Her school showed the film at an assembly, which hopefully led to conversation, understanding and dialogue.

Watch ‘Make It Stop’ below and gain an understanding of just what it’s like to be inside Holly’s head…

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