Mom’s twins are different colors. 18 years later, they look so different.

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Mom’s twins are different colors. 18 years later, they look so different.

When Donna Aylmer gave birth to twin girls, she was shocked at what her babies looked like. One girl, Lucy, was born with red hair, blue eyes and pale skin. The other, Maria, was born with brown skin, brown eyes and dark curly hair.

Their different racial appearances weren’t entirely surprising. Glouchester, England-based Donna is half black and half white, and her husband is white.

As the girls grew up, their appearances grew even more different from one another. Most people, they say, don’t even believe they’re sisters, or even related. People bullied the pair with skepticism and name-calling. And the sisters envied one another sometimes — Maria says she coveted Lucy’s fine, straight hair and disliked her own.

Despite the difficulties, the two sisters are best friends and are close to one another. Both have helped the other embrace and celebrate their individuality — and both cherish the special bond that only sisters have with one another.

Watch the two below, and celebrate your own uniqueness…

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