Veteran couple sleep in freezing cold every night, lose it when little kids ‘give’ them a house.

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Veteran couple sleep in freezing cold every night, lose it when little kids ‘give’ them a house.

Eddie Browning and his wife Cindy are both veterans of the U.S. Navy. They lived in a broken-down camper with few amenities, and often froze in the winter when the weather got cold.

But students at Elm Street Elementary in Rome, Georgia, noticed, and designed and built a tiny home for the couple, which they presented at the Georgia Tiny House Festival in Eatonton.

“I couldn’t believe it,” 59-year-old Cindy Browning told Fox 5. “It’s a dream.”

The students started the project a year ago, but had no place to put the home legally. However, Ooh La La Lavender Farms, where the tiny home festival was held, heard about the dilemma and let them store it on the farm. Other donors, volunteers and companies pitched it to add electricity, utilities and otherwise make the home legally habitable for the Brownings.

The Brownings now have a warm home, but the students aren’t stopping there. The school will build a new home each year for a family in need, and even have a slogan: “Tiny house, big dreams.”

Watch the Brownings get their home below, and see how a community pulls together to help its own…

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