Toddler shuts down cashier who told her to pick a different doll.

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Toddler shuts down cashier who told her to pick a different doll.

Sophia was 2 years old when she hit a big milestone: she was finally potty-trained. To celebrate, her mother, Brandi Benner, decided to buy her a new doll.

When the pair were ringing. up their purchase at the store, the cashier noticed that Sophia, who is white, had chosen a black doll.

“Are you sure that this is the doll you want, honey?” the cashier asked, according to Brandi’s Facebook post detailing the encounter.

The cashier pointed out that the doll didn’t look like Sophia — and that they had plenty of dolls that looked like her.

Sophia’s response was both adorable and forthright. “Sophia said, ‘Yes she does. She’s a doctor — I’m a doctor! And she’s a pretty girl and I’m a pretty girl,’” Benner wrote.

Benner’s account of Sophia’s doll and her response went viral. “I’m just completely blown away by how much people have been touched by loving everyone,” Benner told Today. “I’m just so touched that people are so supportive of my daughter.”

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