Julianne & Derek Hough get emotional during heartbreaking dance about their parents’ divorce.

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Julianne & Derek Hough get emotional during heartbreaking dance about their parents’ divorce.

Julianne and Derek Hough have found a niche in Hollywood as all-around entertainers. Between the brother-and-sister pair, they run the gamut of singing, dance and acting.

Behind the movie-star glitz, though, the two share a sadness: their parents divorced in 1999, when Julianne was 10 and Derek in his early teens. Both were already training and competing in dance at an almost-professional level, which would culminate in both appearing on ‘Dancing With the Stars’, first as contestants and then as performers and judges.

Now they’ve returned to show to perform a deeply personal dance about their parents’ divorce. Their technical abilities are top-notch, but what’s memorable is the deep, buried emotion in the piece.

Watch the brother and sister perform below, and see how much just a few simple movements and gestures can say…

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