14-year-old babysits niece. Hours later, her mom gets a chilling text from the bathroom.

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14-year-old babysits niece. Hours later, her mom gets a chilling text from the bathroom.

14-year-old Savannah Jones was babysitting her niece Zoyee one night in Montclair, California, when someone knocked on the front door of the house.

Savannah didn’t open the door, but the knocking continued. Looking out through the peephole, Savannah saw a man she’d never seen before on the porch.

Savannah quickly took her niece and herself into the bathroom, told Zoyee to keep quiet and texted her mother Maria about what was happening. As she was on the phone, she heard a loud sound: the man had kicked in the front door and barged into the house.

Luckily, Savannah is a brave and smart girl, and her quick-thinking likely saved her and her niece from attack from the home invader. Listen to the resourceful teen’s story and see why they’re calling her a hero…

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