5-year-old inventor shows off his latest creation on ‘Ellen’.

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5-year-old inventor shows off his latest creation on ‘Ellen’.

Gideon is a 6-year-old from Dublin, Ohio. He’s also an inventor who recently appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ to show off his latest creation.

Gideon was tired of having to clean his leaky goggles in swim class, which often caused him to miss his turn in the pool. So he created double-sided goggles to keep water from filling up the lenses.

He showed off his invention to Ellen, who seemed to delight in his ingenuity, as well as his funny personality. He told NBC4 that he hopes to sell his goggles, and will use his money to buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

According to Gideon, being an inventor is something anyone can do. “You really just think of something that you think can help people,” he told NBC4.

Watch Gideon in conversation with Ellen — and be impressed with both his cleverness and personality…

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